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Join the Team

Juncture provides a great opportunity to learn editorial skills and enhance your perspective on political issues.

We're a friendly team of like-minded students and would love to have you on board.

We Are Recruiting!

We are currently recruting for roles on the Juncture editorial board. We're looking for University of Manchester students to assist in the publication of our next issues.

Read below for more information.


The Role

Joining the Juncture editorial board is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in editing and publishing academic literature.

Holding a position on the board is an impressive addition to your CV and provides great experience that compliments a Social Sciences degree.

The role's responsibilities include participating in weekly one-hour board meetings which vary from in-person to online. Each board member is also asked to review at least one essay per week.


If you're interested and are looking to apply, please send us an email at

During times of recruitment, we will ask each applicant to review a practice essay before casually interviewing with current board members.

We can't wait to see you soon and welcome you to the Juncture Editorial Board!

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