Joining the Team

We are not currently accepting applications. Job postings will most likely take place in the beginning of the next academic year.


Below you can read more about the role of the Editorial Board Member:


This role will include:

  • reading and editing submissions

  • peer-reviewing papers

  • writing commentaries

  • attending board meetings

  • helping to make decisions on the content of our issues

  • promoting the journal on campus

To apply, send an email to describing your motivation and attaching one of your best essays (max 2000 words).

Application deadline: next academic year

We recruit for the position of Editorial Board Member, which is described in more detail below:

Editorial Board Members are responsible for reading and editing submissions, peer-reviewing papers, writing commentaries, attending board meetings, helping to make decisions on the content of the issues and promoting the journal across campus.


Interested candidates should consider:

  • Reading existing issues;

  • Submitting their essays;

  • Looking at the Juncture Reviews that have been written, and considering what they might like to write about;

  • Considering why they would be good for the roles and what their overall ambitions are;

  • Read the following blog post from a former Chief Editor.


Juncture requires inquisitive minds, attention to detail, organisational skills, confidence and a breadth of political knowledge.