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Thank you for visiting Juncture, the University of Manchester's Undergraduate Politics Journal! This is a special publication for us in particular, as it is our first release as Chief Editors. We're thrilled by the quality of the submissions we've received this semester and are confident that the work in Volume 7, Issue 1 represents the very highest quality of undergraduate political research. As proud members of a global university, we're excited to see so many readers are visiting our website from around the world.

This year has involved a transformation for Juncture. As Chief Editors, we've begun modernising Juncture to make it more accessible, more attractive and more thought provoking. We have remodelled our website and social media presence, we've accepted submissions from students with different scholarly backgrounds, and we've recruited a team of incredibly talented and reliable editors that have made this publication possible.

We are incredibly grateful for the work of our Executive Board, particularly in the early days of this semester. Their loyal and dedicated work allowed us to run a rigorous recruitment process, remodel the journal and begin arranging critical components of the publication process throughout the year. Following the recruitment, they have continued to support our newer members by offering advice and assistance during what can be a daunting start to membership on the editorial board.

Leading from this, we'd like to extend our gratitude and offer a huge congratulations to our brand new editors! While a large team always helps the publication process, their natural talent and academic capability has made the last few months of publication much easier for us. We're excited to begin Volume 7, Issue 2 with them on the team from day 1.

As always, we'd like to thank the University of Manchester School of Social Sciences for making Juncture possible. Their funding, support and assistance allows us to keep publishing students' exceptional work. In particular, we are incredibly grateful for Dr Dan Silver's dedication to Juncture and look forward to continuing to work with him in upcoming publications.

Finally, we'd like to congratulate all of our authors this semester. Their work was exemplary and epitomises the quality of research conducted at the University of Manchester. As always, we received a large number of submissions and our publication process was highly competitive. Nonetheless, their work stood out among an incredibly strong cohort of essays and we are proud to feature their work in our publication.

We hope you enjoy Juncture, Volume 7, Issue 1 and look forward to delivering our next publication later this year!

Mitchell Bowcock and Antonia Giles

Chief Editors

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