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Volumen 6
 Número 2

Julio 2023

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Advertencia de contenido: Algunos de nuestros ensayos pueden contener lenguaje fuerte y referencias a la actividad sexual.

Disclaimer: All essays have been selected based on quality of research, standard of presentation, and readable engagement. The views expressed in the essays do not reflect those of Juncture, The University of Manchester School of Social Sciences, or the University of Manchester.

We do not intend to add to nor detract from the information or analysis provided in the essays in any capacity. The cover photos have been chosen by the Juncture Editorial Board based solely on aesthetic suitability.

Imperialism and Postcolonial Legacies

Table of Contents

Imperialism and Postcolonial Legacies

  • Tasmiya Chowdhury

  • Christevie Ngoma

  • Anna O'Connor

International Politics

  • Talia Doyle

  • Caitlin Reid

  • Lily Marsh

Political Economy and the British State

  • Agnes Kay

  • Maisie Boardman

  • Jacob Marshall

Challenging the Hegemonic Norm

  • Madeleine Crosley

  • Carter Blair

  • Aryana Fani

Con el patrocinio generoso de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Manchester.

International Political Economy

British Colonialism, Language Dominance, and Social Hierarchies: Imposition of English Language in British India and its Contemporary Impact on India and Bangladesh

Tasmiya Chowdhury

3rd Year Essay

BSocSc Politics and International Relations

Tasmiya Chowdhury.jpg

Resilience amidst ruin: A Postcolonial analysis into the "City of Joy" in Eastern Congo

Christevie Ngoma

3rd Year Essay

BA Philosophy, Politics and Economic with International Study

Christevie Ngoma.jpg

Reconfiguring Borders: Assessing the Potential of the African Union Border Programme (AUBP) in Disrupting Mainstream Understandings of Borders

Anna O'Connor

3rd Year Essay

BSocSc Politics and International Relations

Anna O'Connor_edited.jpg

Political Theory

Penholding in the Libyan Crisis: Do practices used by the Security Council matter?

Talia Doyle

4th Year Essay

BA Hons Politics and German

Talia Doyle

Varying levels of environmental ambition in France and Germany: A symptom of political structures?

Caitlin Reed

2nd Year Essay

BA (Hons) Modern History & Politics

Caitlin Reed.jpg

Does UN diplomacy still matter? An Analysis of the Security Council’s Response to the War in Ukraine

Lily Marsh

3rd Year Essay

BA (Hons) Politics and Italian

Lily Marsh.jpg

Political Economy and the British State

Exploring the Toxic Combination: An Investigation into High Inequality and Low Growth in the UK Economy Through the Lens of Post-Keynesian Theory

Agnes Kay

3rd Year Essay

BA (Hons) Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Agnes Kay.jpg

From Council Estates to Private Ownership: Thatcher's Right to Buy Policy and the Erosion of British Collectivism

Maisie Boardman

3rd Year Essay

BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations

Maisie Boardman_edited.jpg

Stuart Hall and the Red Wall: Space, “race”, and class in (post-)Fordist Britain

Jacob Marshall

3rd Year Essay

BA (Hons) Politics and Sociology

Jacob Marshall.jpg

Challenging the Hegemonic Norm

Jokes on Us: Reframing Satire in Contemporary Culture

Madeleine Crosley

3rd Year Essay

BAEcon Economics and Politics

Madeleine Crosley.jpg

‘Queering’ Social Reproduction: Exploring How Queer and Trans Scholars Have Expanded Conceptions of Social Reproduction Theory

Carter Blair

3rd Year Essay

BA (Hons) Politics and Modern History

Carter Blair.jpg

“For the girl who wished to be a boy”: How Iranian Women utilise a Feminist identity and Non-formal Education to navigate Social Movements in Iran

Aryana Fani

3rd Year Essay

BSocSc (Hons) Politics and International Relations

Aryana Fani.jpg
International Politics
Political Economy and the British State
Challenging the Hegemonic Norm
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