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Juncture is The University of Manchester

Undergraduate Politics Journal.


The journal aims to harness the energy of the University of Manchester politics and related discipline students to become a space to showcase exceptional work and promote original academic thought. Even at an undergraduate level, students have something valuable to contribute, whether it be a truly new idea, a novel perspective, or a reiteration or re-understanding of accepted notions.


We are a crossroads for ideas and opportunities.


Juncture seeks to become a growing community and network of ambitious undergraduate students wishing to enhance their professional profiles and contribute to academia’s growing body of knowledge.


We aim to help students forge an interest in the academic study of politics beyond the curricula level, offer conferences for contributors to present their work and discuss their ideas, provide writing and editorial experience for students and create stronger bonds between the undergraduate world and the academic community.

We are your chance to make a bigger mark with your university work.


First published in the 2017/18 academic year, the journal aims to publish two issues annually, fully reviewed by its very own student-led editorial board.


The journal is a chance for an essay to not just be an essay but also a published article; a thought to not just be a thought but a new opportunity for discussion or intellectual development; and a piece of research to not just be read by a closed group but to reach a wider audience.

Additionally, Juncture offers the opportunity for successfully published authors to present their papers at our annual conference, giving undergraduate students an invaluable experience. We especially encourage students interested in pursuing academia to consider getting involved in the conference.





We encourage you to submit regardless of your experience: we are an open and friendly bunch of students, just like you, who value ideas for their own sake and will only reject papers with adequate reason. Regardless of whether yours is accepted we would love to read it and offer feedback to encourage development.


We accept submissions at any time, but if you want your paper to be reviewed for the latest edition please get it to us before the latest deadline. 


The journal's focus is politics, but this is taken in a broad sense. Submissions are taken from a whole range of areas including Political Theory, International Politics, Political Economy, Comparative Politics, Public Policy and Public Law. Any paper from a subject within the social sciences can be considered by the editorial board, as long as that paper has clear political relevance. Where papers are not therefore inherently political, the author must emphasise and illustrate the political significance of their work both within their abstract and within their paper.

At present the journal only accepts internal submissions from University of Manchester students, those from the class of most recent graduates and only one paper per person per submission period. It is also worth noting that we will always try and not publish similar papers. That means that if you have written a paper and are thinking of submitting it, it is worth looking at what we have currently published in our issues. 

Being published is extremely competitive given the size of the student body in Manchester and the quality of work we receive, so please do not be downhearted if you are not published. We give feedback on every submission so you should use that to guide your work in future entries.


Please send us two documents when submitting your paper:


1. The completed submission form below including your 150 word abstract.


2. Your paper. This should be 2,000 to 8,000 words long, devoid of course code or identification marks and be presented in size 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced, with page numbers.


Although our publication uses the Chicago referencing style, you have the option to submit your work using Harvard references. Should we decide to feature your piece, you will be required to change your references to Chicago. We will contact you with guidance about how to do this. 


All submissions should be made to:

You will find detailed submission guidelines below, as well as the submission form. The deadline for the 

2021 summer edition is June 21st.

Good luck!




In order to get in contact with us to ask us anything at all, whether it be about joining out team, asking a question about the submission or reviewing process or anything else, you can either fill out the form below or contact any of us directly via email. We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks! Message sent.



Juncture is lead by a dedicated team of students, passionate about engaging students in political reflection and academia. If you are a student at the University of Manchester and interested in joining our team, please contact us at

Alexia Ozeel - Chief Editor

Sofija Ninković - Deputy Chief Editor

Anders Viemose - Chief Development Officer

Maya Robbins - Secretary

Anna Rabinowitz - Editorial Board Member

Anthony Al Nouar - Editorial Board Member

Emily Wilson - Editorial Board Member

Georgia Green - Editorial Board Member

Gülay Parmaksız - Editorial Board Member

Isabella Lucero - Editorial Board Member

Jack Collicutt - Editorial Board Member

Tamla Tutankhamun - Editorial Board Member