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We are not currently taking submissions. Check back in September for details. In the meantime, see our Submissions tab to prepare your submission.
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Accessible on:  issuu.com/junctureuom/docs/issu

Juncture is The University of Manchester's

Undergraduate Politics Journal.


The journal aims to harness the energy of the University of Manchester politics and related discipline students to become a space to showcase exceptional work and promote original academic thought. Even at an undergraduate level, students have something valuable to contribute, whether it be a truly new idea, a novel perspective, or a reiteration or re-understanding of accepted notions.

We are a crossroads for ideas and opportunities.


Juncture seeks to become a growing community and network of ambitious undergraduate students wishing to enhance their professional profiles and contribute to academia’s growing body of knowledge.


We aim to help students forge an interest in the academic study of politics beyond the curricula level, offer conferences for contributors to present their work and discuss their ideas, provide writing and editorial experience for students and create stronger bonds between the undergraduate world and the academic community.

We are your chance to make a bigger mark with your university work.

First published in the 2017/18 academic year, the journal aims to publish two issues annually, fully reviewed by its very own student-led editorial board.


The journal is a chance for an essay to not just be an essay but also a published article; a thought to not just be a thought but a new opportunity for discussion or intellectual development; and a piece of research to not just be read by a closed group but to reach a wider audience.

Additionally, Juncture offers the opportunity for successfully published authors to present their papers at our annual conference, giving undergraduate students an invaluable experience. We especially encourage students interested in pursuing academia to consider getting involved in the conference.