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Meet the Team

Juncture is run by undergraduate students at the University of Manchester. We have a strong partnership with the School of Social Sciences, allowing us to produce high-quality and UoM sponsored journals.

Chief Editors


Antonia Giles

Hi, I’m Antonia. I’m going into my second year of Politics and International Relations at Manchester. My main interest is the use of diplomacy to address global issues like climate change and the politics of education.

Mitchell Bowcock

Hi, I'm Mitch and I'm in my second year of Politics and International Relations. I'm mostly interested in IPE and the cooperation between central banks and IGOs in insulating economies from international crises. I'm really excited for what's sure to be a fantastic year ahead!

Executive Board


Josh Mitchell

General Secretary

I am Joshua Mitchell and I am a 3rd year Politics and International Relations student. My keen interests in the field are geopolitics within the Asia-Pacific region, devolutionary policy and British politics.


Leah Webster

Social Media Manager

I am Leah Webster, a Politics and International Relations student. In third year, I have found myself interested in the financialisation of health and the effects of the pharmaceutical industry. Otherwise, I am interested in voting behaviour and patterns in Latin America, the balances in the EU, and the increasing use of AI by governments.


Nellie Webster

Welfare Officer

Hi, my name is Nellie and I am a third year Law with Politics student. I am mostly interested in international law and political theory.

Editorial Board


Farida Hassan 

I’m Farida and I’m in my first year studying Politics and French. My main interests lie in international politics and foreign affairs, particularly in the Middle East and Africa.


Calixthe Blain

Hi! My name is Calixthe and I am a third year PPE student. My political interests are very diverse. I am mostly interested in questions of international migration and terrorism. I enjoy learning about how our perception of political issues can evolve and become manipulated.


Ella Logan-Wilson

I’m Ella, a second-year Politics and International Relations student.

My main areas of interest are comparative politics and security studies. Specifically, I am interested in the role growing economies have in shaping the international system and comparing the foreign policies of world powers.


Katie Kilburn

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m a fourth year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student. An interdisciplinary approach to political issues is what interests me most and Juncture is an amazing journal for this. Some of my other favoured topics are development, corruption, and education.


Lily Cheetham

Hi, my name is Lily and I’m a final year Politics and Social Anthropology student. I have many political interests, such as terrorism and the Global Economy. I find the interdisciplinary nature of my course to be very interesting as I am able to look at political events from an anthropological perspective. 

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Sarah Shields

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm currently in my third year studying Politics and Spanish.

My main areas of interest within politics include political theory, feminism and the effects of capitalism, particularly neoliberalism. I am excited to research further how these topics relate to wider political systems and society as well as how they interfere with the politics of mental health.

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