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Thank you for visiting Juncture and reading Volume 7, Issue 2. This issue is a particular source of pride for us – not only is it of exceptional quality, but it also represents the second issue we have overseen and the final publication of our first year as Chief Editors.

Volume 7, Issue 2 explores injustice. The myriad forms of injustice impact every aspect of life and politics, ranging from international relations to political economy, and from political theory to security. Particularly today, with instances of injustice visible in most corners of society, like global conflict and targeted social media harassment, we believe this issue of Juncture is relevant and important.

The standard of work we have had the privilege of publishing do justice to the issues facing national and international societies. Spotlighting these issues with well researched, peer reviewed work offers an opportunity to change the nature of unjust relationships, protect persecuted and oppressed individuals, and rectify unaddressed socio-cultural challenges.

This year has been a huge success for us and the team and was certainly not something we could have expected! As we took over the joint chairpersonship at the beginning of the 2023/2024 academic year, we drafted an annual schedule which harrowingly put into perspective the scale of the task ahead. Our respect for former Chief Editors skyrocketed, and our need for a supportive, intuitive, and capable team became immediately obvious.

We have run two recruitment processes this year and can safely say that, regardless of the cliché, publication truly would not have been possible without our Executive and Editorial Boards. Our teams have maintained the highest levels of commitment, communication, diligence, and integrity throughout the processes – all of which are the primary tools and attributes we need for a successful publication. Combined with the unwaveringly faithful support from the School of Social Sciences, we have pushed through the challenges of ‘learning on the job’ with absolute confidence, vision, and success.

As we head into the new academic year with four years of editorial experience and two years of chairpersonship experience between us, we are excited for the organisational and personal development we are yet to see. However, we want to take the opportunity offered by the summer break to reflect on our experiences this year. While we have modernised the journal, expanded the readership, and improved public engagement, we champion the journal’s primary purpose above all.

We continue to prove that undergraduate research is not only relevant but revolutionary and has a rightful place in academic literature. Offering this platform to those researchers is a privilege and an honour. We take this forward next year, calibrating our culture and ethos with service and responsibility, and celebrate Volume 7, Issue 2 as a prime example of the standards we represent.

We thank you for visiting Juncture and wish you a safe, happy, and restful summer.

Mitchell and Antonia

Chief Editors

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